Sushila Deoja, Short Story and Travelogue Writer

Literature was deeply ingrained in Sushila while in her teens. She could not bring it out in her teenage due to the social taboos in the remote areas of Nepal that she was growing up.

In her post-marriage life she was too busy rearing children and helping everyone in the joint family she was living. She could find time to indulge in literature and start serious works in writing poems, short stories, child-literature, and travelogue after her children were grown up and out of college.

In the last 14 years, she has published nine books and several hundred short stories.

Sushila Deoja with Family

All of her short stories are the outcome of her keen observation of actual events of social life and her ability to capture the deeply embedded human emotions and sentiments and describe them vividly and touchingly.

Her deep concerns of the hardships, deprivation, and sufferings of women in remote and backward areas due to poverty and social taboos is reflected in almost all of her stories. All her stories leave a strong message to fight against social evils, exploitation, and taboos with human kindness.

She has traveled with her husband about 25 countries, developed as well as developing, in the world. Her travelogue “Kehi Paila Kehi Anubhuti” is a description of the places she has visited in the developed and developing world with a touch of the historical events of those places.

The intention of the author is to arouse a desire in the mind of the people in the developing world to develop the society through adoption of science, technology, and globalization while preserving the beauty of nature and glories of the heritage.