About Sushila Deoja

Sushila Deoja was born on March 7th, 1951 in Doti, a far western region of Nepal.
She grew up with 11 siblings in the household that was on a constant move due to
her father’s employment as a District Judge.

The family finally relocated to the capital city of Kathmandu where she attended her
high school and later studied Arts with a concentration in Psychology at the
Padma Kanya College.

In May of 1978, she married Birendra Deoja. During the earlier years of their marriage, due to Birendra’s
employment with the Department of Roads, the family frequently relocated to various parts of Nepal.
In 1986, along with her husband and their two sons, she relocated to Seattle in the United States
for a year where her husband attended the master’s program at the University of
Washington’s School of Engineering.

Sushila and her husband traveled extensively to different countries across the globe during the
latter phases of her husband’s professional career.

Sushila’s years of travel and exploration, her attention to details and her innate ability to tap
into the inner tapestries of the human psyche has helped her transform her
experiences and her observation into various works of literature.


In 2006, Sushila published her first book “Prayas ko Pahilo Khudkilo ” a collection of short stories and later
that same year she released another book,” Naya Bihani” a collection of her poems. In 2007 she
released her memoir and collection of short stories “Parda Bhitra ko yatharta ra Kabul Yatra”.
In 2009 she released her book “Dobhaan”, another collection of her short stories and poems.
Her most recent book, her second memoir called “Kehi Paila Kehi Anubhooti“ was released in 2011.
Her books have been widely received by both Nepali readers and writers for their poignancy
as well as their humor.

Her upcoming book “Progeny, The Short Stories” is an English translation of some of her handpicked short
stories and is scheduled for a release in the summer of 2020.

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