Sushila Deoja is a Nepali author, poet and a memoirist.
She is best known for her short stories that exhibit the social issues shrouding many of the South Asian cultures while providing readers with eye opening accounts of her characters and their trials and tribulations.
She is the author of the Nepali best sellers such as “Parda Bhitra Ko Yathartha”, a collection of her short stories and “Kehi Paila kehi Anubhooti”, a travel journal recounting her travel experiences around the many countries of the world. Her works include collections of numerous short stories, poems, travel journals and a children’s book. A collection of her short stories are currently being translated into English and is scheduled to be released in 2020read full bio

सुशीला हाम्रो धर्तीमा टेक्छिन, उभिन्छिन ठण्डीमा होस वा गर्मिमा उनी धर्तीलाई छाम्छिन धर्तिलाई हेर्छिन र धर्तीमा मानव जातिले जे जसो कर्म गर्छन, त्यसलाई टपक्क टिपेर कथाको माला गास्छिन

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